Archiving Run Documentation (PDF )

Record data archiving efficiently...

SAP® data archiving is often combined with the requirement to fulfill legal requirements. In this context an option for an efficient traceability of the data archiving process is very important. Unfortunately, the SAP® system neither offers the right tools for gathering all information about the used settings and steps performed, nor the functionality to clearly present this information. Especially when the archiving runs lie in the past this can be a major challenge, because in general spools and job logs are not available in the system anymore.

With the Savento Tower® Savento developed a lean and cost-effective project solution for the efficient creation of documentation reports for SAP® data archiving runs. The software is based on a client component (Java software) as well as SAP® function modules. The client component uses the SAP® function modules to gather the relevant archiving results (e.g. customizing settings, spools, job logs etc.) and to generate the documentation reports based on these results. Temporarily available information - especially spools - can either be stored on a client, a network share or directly in the SAP® system.

The reports can be enriched with any customer specific check routines, e.g. the quantity comparison of table entries before and after the archiving runs.

Example Screenshot

...all information at the push of a button!

We would like to highlight the following features of the Savento Tower®:

  • Clear tree structure for all archiving objects and runs
  • Simple creation of documentation reports at the push of a button
  • Clear display of all relevant information of the archiving process
  • Storage of reports in HTML or PDF format
  • Analysis of multiple SAP® systems is possible
  • Temporarily available information (e.g. spools) are stored permanently
  • Filter possibilities, e.g. by archiving object
  • Possibility for arbitrary enhancements through modular architecture

This tool is essential for SAP® data archiving in the context of statutory requirements in order to guarantee and document in the long term the correctness and completeness of archiving runs. Furthermore, the documentation requirements can be fulfilled easier and faster.

Savento developed the Savento Tower® as a solution package, not only for the documentation of archiving runs. Due to its modular architecture the Savento Tower® can also be enhanced with other modules like the documentation of all other jobs in the SAP® system. The modules can be adapted according to the customer requirements.

This solution package reflects the many years of experience Savento has accumulated in numerous SAP® archiving projects. Besides the provision of the software we consult you with respect to the conception phase and the integration into the customer-specific environment.

Savento is your partner for the professional and efficient implementation of archiving projects. We look forward to receiving your requests and shall be pleased to help you by adjusting the coverage and content of the solution package to meet your requirements.